Egalitée, Victoire, 2017 - Paper cutout, collage, 73 x 60 cm.  "We need to reconsider the definition of Feminism. Feminism shouldn't mean women's superiority, but equality between men and women. Nowadays, being a feminist means wanting females to dominate males. But this amounts to repeat the actual pattern : gender inequality. No one is to be superior. No … Lire la suite de Egalitée


Today is, I think, the first time I'm giving my opinion about music on my blog. In music, as in other categories of art, I have very... eclectic tastes. Which is quite practical, because I don't like one kind of music in particular, so I am able to talk about a large quantity of different … Lire la suite de Rilès


At the Palais Royal Theater in Paris, Edmond, a play by Alexis Michalik, is being performed from the 23rd of April to  the 23rd of December. Edmond tells the story of Edmond Rostand, French writer, poet and playwright born in the XIXth century. More precisely, it's a focus on the period of his life during which he created … Lire la suite de Edmond

Girl Gram Gang

Yesterday evening, I was invited by Cecilia Russo and Diep Nguyen, founders of the Girl Gram Gang, to attend their event at La Verrière Co-Working. The GG. Gang is a "feminist, solidarity-based community", founded in March by these two girls. Yesterday was their very first event. They invited a dozen people, including myself, all different, but connected by a common … Lire la suite de Girl Gram Gang