Do you know that terrible feeling when you are standing in front of your wardrobe and you’re like « OMGG, I’VE NOTHING TO WEAAAR !!! ». That’s a shame, right ? Well, last time, I ended up in exactly the same situation, except that it was for… books.


So, as I usually do, I went to my mom’s bookshelf (my savior) and looked for a good, short and pleasant book to read. And that’s how I discovered « Love x Style x Life » by the fashion blogger Garance Doré (pheww !). I read this book in less than a day, and I absolutely loved it ! I can’t live without it anymore !


Through her own experience, the author gives lifestyle and fashion advice and some beauty tips, to achieve a better equilibrium in everyday life. She also interviewed four inspiring women to talk about their own vision of fashion. We can’t consider it as a « fashion guide », but more like a kind of biography  with some proposals regarding style, makeup, elegance, etc….

Furthermore, beyond the fact that Garance is an awesome writer, has an original style, and gives really useful advice, she definitely has an eye for photography (which, I believe, helps a lot) !

Well, I don’t need to tell you more. This book definitely rescued me from this awful « nothing-to-read » situation, and became my new MENTOR !!

What about you ? Will you buy this book and make it your mentor ? If you do, I welcome your observations. Or, perhaps you already have your mentor book ?

4 commentaires sur « My mentor book »

  1. J’aime vrmt votre blog, je le suis, et j’en suis fan ! Je trouve que le choix des articles est judicieux, et résolument dans l’air du temps. Vous pouvez etre fiere.



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