As you may know, I practice yoga since a few months. And, as a huge fan, I keep abreast of the events regarding yoga. That’s why today I went to The Castel in Nice, where was taking place the International Yoga Day.IMG_5287.jpg

Basically, I thought I would just come to have a look. But, when I saw all these people, all this energy, I wanted to stay and spend my entire day there.

And guess what ? That’s what I did.

I stayed from 11 A.M until 16 P.M, eating delicious vegan and healthy food, resting on the grace, taking pictures and participating to different yoga lessons.

E99F2B28-8EAD-4228-B169-432ADC4E3D0F.jpgAs you can see on this picture, I did flying yoga, which is a sort of yoga that you do in a kind of hammock. I already did flying yoga once in Greece, and I was desperately looking for classes in Nice, unsuccessfully. But now that I know that it does exist in my town, I just can’t wait till September to hopefully start flying yoga lessons

Anyway, I had a lovely day. It was so fun, and I really enjoyed sharing my hobby with hundred people who love yoga. It was very cool, and I can’t wait until this summer to take flying yoga lessons again in Greece.

And, by the way…



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