Yesterday, we enjoyed a lovely day trip to London, organised by our summer camp. Of course, I am going to skip the whole « trip story » because 1) it was « very normal » and we only visited touristic places, and 2) this is not the point of this article, because today, I am just going to talk to you about…
Our free time in Covent Garden !

Of course, we couldn’t leave London without going shopping for, at the very least, an hour. 

But the problem is that we actually thought the only shops we could find in Covent Garden were really expensive brands (like in Bicester Village). But we were wrong.

While we were slowly walking and wandering around in this beautiful place, thinking about how we would have had more fun in Oxford Street, and criticising the lack of decent shops, my friend Mathilde perceived two girls, maybe around 20 years old, holding Top Shop bags. I literally jumped on them, and asked them – in English of course – where they had found « Top Shop » ?
And one of them answered me, in a very perceptible French accent, that it was in Oxford Street. After realising that we were all from the same place, laughing about their accent and speaking about our holidays in summer camp, they told us something that completely changed our day : 


We were so happy to learn that there was this shop in Covent Garden, just two streets higher. We couldn’t believe it. We were so excited. 

So we followed them, and about 30seconds later, we arrived in a street with a lot of people, full of shops like brandy Melville, Zara, Mango, Nike… etc.

Unfortunately, we had only 20 minutes left, and it was really crowded, so we had to hurry and run in the streets. 

Anyway, here is the result :

I bought a perfume, the Chance (Eau Fraiche) by Chanel, and a necklace by Urban Outfitters (and my friend bought it as well). 


Sometimes, meeting people can completely change your plans…

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