If you were reading my blog before I started writing in English, you’ve probably read my post about « The fault in our stars« , and then you must know that I am a HUGE fan of John Green‘s books.

And I was desperately searching for Young Adult novels like John Green’s ones. So, when I discovered on Instagram that everyone was reading « All the bright places » by Jennifer Niven, I bought it right away.

And then, when I received it (because I bought it on the internet) I discovered the cover of the book. And I couldn’t be much happier. On the bottom of the cover, there was written :

« The next The Fault In Our Stars »

I finally found exactly what I was searching for. I read it in one week (unfortunately I didn’t have my french/english dictionary with me, so there were some words that I didn’t understand – that’s why I will read it a second time when I’ll have time).

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It was well written, the characters were really endearing, and the story was touching and captivating. It was really pleasant to read. But here’s the problem :

It was too similar to « The Fault In Our Stars« . Okay, I know you’re gonna think I don’t know what I want. But, I mean, it was so close to John Green’s book that the story became so predictable.

Be careful, spoil alert !!!

  • So, if you’ve read the book, you must know that the two characters, Violet and Finch, are in love : like in The Fault In Our Stars.
  • Then, the two characters have a kind of mental illness, so we can say that the main subject of the story is the illness : like in The Fault In Our Stars.
  • And finally, Finch, the boy, dies at the end of the book : like in The Fault In Our Stars.

And so on.

I mean, when I was reading it and noticing all the similarities, I was telling myself « no, he cannot die. It will spoil everything. HE CANNOT DIE !!! ». And, of course, he died. I think the fact that he died made the story so common, and so similar to John Green’s one. It spoiled everything.

This was disappointing. Even though I liked it, I was upset by the end that I found banal. Sorry J. Niven.


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