For a very long time, my bookshelf has been a really big mess. I mean like, when I didn’t know where to put something, I just put it between my books, and it looked really disorganized. My bookshelf was my kind of trash (oops).

But a few months ago, I finally decided to clean it up and reorganize it. And it definitely changed my life (okay, I may be exaggerating a little bit, but I do think that changing the organization of my shelves changed the appearance of my bedroom).

So, to help you if you are in the same case as me, I’ve been thinking of different ways to organize your books, if you have :

  1. A library embedded into the wall

If you have a dark room, or a bright room, or with a P1015893.jpgmajority of neutral/pure shades (grey, white, brown…) it is quite a good idea to add some colors ! If you wa
nt to, here’s my advice : arrange the books by graduating the colors.

BUT : if the size of your shelves are not the same, and you can’t place your large books on the top shelf, you can make 2 color graduations : one with the larger books, and another with the smaller ones.

I have found this arrangement to be pleasing to the eye, and personally for me, the most satisfying solution.


2. A shelf attached to the wall

If you have the space and this is your solution, you can place the books by size, from one side to the other.

I also find that it is more attractive to arrange the books in a slanted position, rather than vertical. Adding some decoration is often a good solution.



     3. A library divided into different sections

Alternatively, if your library is split into various sections, you can divide each one into a different theme. For example, I have used the sections for, school books, my blog stuff, art books, and fashion. As you can see from the photo.



4.  Your nightstand

If, like me, you read a lot of magazine, you certainly know how hard it is to find a place to put them. That’s why I think it is a good idea to put them on your n
ightstand, especially if most of them have all the same size, because it will look really organized and clean.

A nightstand is very important for the books that you’re currently reading, as well as those that you wish to have easy access to. Personally, to create a more original aspect, I have added magazines and decorative objects as well. It is an extra arrangement area and that is why I have mentioned it here.



Little tips :

  • If you don’t have sufficient books to fill your library, it’s always a good idea to add some things such as flowers, decoration stuff…
  • A string of twinkling lights around your library, is a great feature at night, as it creates a fairy like atmosphere.

Capture d’écran 2016-05-29 à 16.10.21.jpg







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