“L’art sauvera le monde.” – Fiodor Dostoïevski  

Because my parents know what art means to me, and how I love to follow its actuality, they’re always on the lookout for activities or events to please me.

That’s why last week-end, they took me on a road trip to Arles, where was taking place the summer photography festival : Les Rencontres De La Photographie. So we had less than two days to run through this lovely city to see as much exhibitions as possible.

Some were great, some were a little weird (in an artistic way, probably), some were beyond comprehension… But anyway, I enjoyed most of them, particularly these ones :


  1. Sid Grossman, From document to revelation, his photographs and legacy.



Vintage black and white street photography with a
perfect framing, thoughtful but natural like they perfectly knew how to do in the XXth century. His pictures seem to have a soul, to tell a story, and that is exactly what I like the most in photography. The kind of photos that I like to see as much as to take them.  Great.


2. Eamonn Doyle, END.



In a totally different style, and very actual way, this Irish artist takes high angle shots of people from behind, black and white photographs of people in a low-angle that he puts on a giant wall that seem to dominate the viewer and makes him feel very small, or different portraits joined together as to create a story. Accompanied by a strange and gloomy music that creates a weird and impressive atmosphere. Probably my favorite. Amazing.







 3. Fabulous failures, The art of embracing serendipity and mistakes.



This exhibition surprised me a lot. A succession of pictures, that may seem common, but in reality, when you really look at it, you find all the little or big imperfections hidden somewhere in the picture or installation. Hilarious and artistic at the same time. A must see !


4. Scary monsters ! A brief history of monsters, in film.

As a huge fan of horror movies, I have to admit : this exhibition was absolutely amazing. I discovered funny pictures of famous monsters from fantasy and utopia films, sci-fi posters, or photographs of symbolic scenes like the ones in Psycho or Cujo. Pure genius.



5. Sincerely Queer, Sébastien Lifshitz Collection.


Singular, surprising, maybe shocking, but so interesting. When I first read the description DSC_0262.JPGof this exhibition, I was quite skeptical. Yet, when I discovered its content, I totally changed my mind. A really smart testimony of transvestites’s life, with funny old photographs. Made me realize how diversified the world is, and how much the life of these people getting dressed like the opposite gender, in secret or not, must be hard, mysterious, special. Incredible.


6. William Kentridge, More sweetly play the dance. 


The work of this south-african artist is breathtaking. I was caught up in this amazing installation, mixing charcoal drawing and video. Eight different giadsc_0252nt screens connected, drawings  as a setting, and persons passing through all the screens, dancing to the sound of typical african musics. Poetic, captivating, catchy. I loved it.





So to summarise, I loved this experience, I think this is something you have to see once in your life. It was really interesting, surprising and enlightening. I hope I will have the chance to do it again.

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