“Le langage de la sculpture est un néant prétentieux s’il n’est pas composé de mots d’amour et de poésie.” – Osspip Zadkine

Before this visit I did a week ago, I didn’t really know Bernar Venet and his work, except his installations of giant steel beams on the Promenade des Anglais in Nice. And, to be honest, I wasn’t a big fan of it.

So this afternoon was the occasion to learn a bit about this artist, especially as the visit was guided, and as we got to see the installations at his Foundation, presented in a giant garden with beautiful green grass, huge trees, and the relaxing sound of the watercourse, and not on the Promenade, with pollution, cars horn honks and pigeon poop.

Now I have to admit, I still remain quite confused for what involves the meaning and the beauty of his work (I mean, sincerely, how can steel beams be « amazingly aesthetic »?), but I appreciate it better though. All these anecdotes and explanations the two guides, Katherine and Maxime, gave us were extremely interesting and helped me, like, kind of entering Bernar Venet’s mind to understand better his feelings and the reasons of his work.

dsc_0610For example, they explained us that Bernar Venet built this bridge – which seems like a giant tube, a long tunnel with no view of the outside, in which you feel appart from the rest of the Foundation – to cross the watercourse without seing it because sometimes he got sick of this landscape and this place and wanted not to see it for a couple seconds.

If you want other anecdotes, wait ’till next summer and book a visit at the Venet Foundation. I promise, you won’t be disappointed.

Ce diaporama nécessite JavaScript.

Another artist was exposed at the Foundation, an American named James Turrell, whose work is mostly based on experimenting lights. I fell in love at first sight with his work. Amazing discovery.

Dear readers, I recently created a Youtube channel, and I posted a video about my visit at the Venet Foundation, so if you want to watch it, just click here.

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