« La musique savante manque à notre désir » – Arthur Rimbaud. 

Besides singing in the shower or doing hair guitar (when I am alone, obviously) in my bedroom, I’ve never been interested in taking lessons or playing a particular instrument (not that I wouldn’t like it, just that I’ve never really considered the option).

And, besides going to concerts of singers I know well and listening to music 20 hours a day, I’ve never been keen on « music shows ».

Yet, last week, my parents took me to Monaco, to see the Fills Monkey « incredible drum show ».

– « Drum show, drum show… I’ve never been a big fan of it…Won’t it be boring? ». This was my first thought.

And here’s my second thought, now : This. Was. Incredible. Why ? Because the Fills Monkey ain’t a simple music group. It ain’t a basic drum show. It’s an amazing « humorythmic » (as they say) performance, with two energetic drummers, mixing music and jokes. A wacky, crazy, hilarious show, like you’ve never seen before.

And I can tell, even though I am no expert in drums, that Yann Coste and Sebastien Rambaud, the two musicians, are both excellent drummers, AND comedians !

I couldn’t be more pleasantly surprised. Thank you, Fills Monkey.


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