“Les grands artistes sont tous des impuissants” – Salvador Dali

In Cannes, from June to October, there was, at the Art Center La Malmaison, an exhibition of a part of Dali’s work : « Salvador Dalí ou l’ivresse des rêves », that Jean Ferrero lent to the museum, from his collection.

I’ve never been keen on Dali’s work, so it was a good occasion to discover a bit more of this  wacky character, pioneer of the surrealism.

In this article, I decided to be the most honest I could.

Here’s the problem : I wasn’t prepared to see this exhibition, it was a kind of « last-minute idea ». I didn’t inquire before going to it, so as a consequence, I didn’t know anything about the artist, nor his life, nor his work, nor the aim of it. So I found myself in front of paintings full of meanings, that I couldn’t understand.

Art is made to express feelings, thoughts, ideas, in an aesthetic way. Or at least, that’s my point of view. In a piece of art, there is 50 % of aestheticism, and 50 % of semantic. The meaning of an artwork is extremely important, especially in Surrealism, which Dali was part of.

For example if a painting is absolutely amazing, but it doesn’t express anything at all, IT IS NOT ART. 

So here’s my half-opinon : I couldn’t reconcile with Dali’s work. Why ? Because, I could only judge it on its appearance. The only thing this exhibition gave me is the possibility to discover a part of Dali’s less famous art pieces. It would have been so interesting to be able to analyse this more intimate part of his work, but I wasn’t, because I didn’t understand it. I felt so powerless in front of it.

So here’s what I am going to do : I am going to do my research about Salvador Dali, try to collect the most informations I can. And I will write a second article, where I’ll give you my opinion about what I remember from this exhibition, with fresh eyes and a more open mind.

Hope it will be interesting for you as it is for me.



Posted by:Victoire

3 réponses sur « L’ivresse des rêves, Salvador Dali »

  1. Victoire

    J’ai essayé de comprendre l’anglais et te dis encore bravo pour ce que tu as expérimenté

    avec Daly. La suite sera certainement plus intéressante pour toi et tes lecteurs. Continue

    dans ce sens. Reste dans l’ivresse des rêves et non pas des rêves dans l’ivresse…

    A la prochaine




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