Last Thursday, I attended to the preview of « Rock N Roll », the new movie of Guillaume Canet.

In this hilarious comedy, the french actor and producer exposes his daily life, as a husband, as a dad, as an actor, as a celebrity… and as a quadragenarian. The film tells the story of a man looking desperately to look younger and be cooler after that a twenty-years-old journalist told him he wasn’t « rock » anymore.

Through humour and self-mockery, Guillaume tries to silence all the fantasies that people may have about his life, and also to emphasize this quest of identity that (almost) everyone goes through at a moment of their life.

Mixing reality and fiction, this kind of wacky biopic is above all original because the role of almost everyone of Guillaume Canet’s entourage that figures in the film is played by the real person. Marion Cotillard, Gilles Lelouche, Johnny Hallyday, Alain and Yvan Attal, Kev Adams… great casting, uhh ?


Anyway, the preview was fantastic, Guillaume Canet and Marion Cotillard answered all the questions with interest and humour, and Guillaume stayed until the very end to take pictures with the public. Had a really great time.

The movie will be released on February 15th (on my birthday yeaahh). Don’t miss it !




Posted by:Victoire

4 réponses sur « Rock N Roll »

  1. Tu m’as donné vraiment envie de voir ce film.
    La photo avec Guillaume est très belle et je me demande si dans son prochain film il ne va pas te demander d’y figurer



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