Since 2015, I’ve seen my city – Nice – grow faster and faster. Many healthy / vegan restaurants and coffee shops on the model of London cosy places have opened lately.

Furthermore, the concept of mixing work and relaxation has become very appreciated – mostly in the dynamic Northern capitals – and is now slowly coming to and growing in my town.

And as I love discovering new places like that, I recently tested for you the Workhouse Café, a co-working space and barista situated in Risso Boulevard, near the MAMAC.

On the ground floor, one discovers a simple café tastefully decorated. On the menu : salads, sandwiches, brunch, and delicious hot or cold drinks.

I still haven’t tested the lunch or the brunch, and I am not very tempted though, cause I prefer to go to this kind of places for a snack.

I’ll just keep up with the cappuccino (which is exquisite, by the way).

At the first floor, the co-working space, has a capacity for 32 persons, two meeting rooms, flexible tarifs and free drinks. High-speed wifi, obviously.


Finally, at the second floor, the terrasse, there is a great view of the theater and the museum.

If we just try to ignore the traffic noise, relaxing here can be very pleasant. Also the possibility to privatize the space.

The Workhouse Cafe  opened less than a month ago, and is already a success. Not surprising though ! Adorable staff, spacious rooms, convivial atmosphere… everything is reunited to make this project work.

Wishing them every success for the future…!


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