I read this book for school. It was a required reading. I’ve never heard about it before. When my French teacher told us to read Animal Farm by George Orwell, I was wondering how a book with such a title could be suitable for 10th grade students, cause it sounded more like a young-children story (it actually reminded me of the movie « Babe » by Chris Noonan and George Miller, the story of a pig who wants to become a sheepdog, remember ?). I was like « Am I back in 5th grade now or what ? ».

In addition, on the cover of the edition I bought, there was a painting of Alexandre Mikhaïlovitch named Les Gardiens de la Paix (The Peacekeepers), in which we can see Staline, soviet dictator, walking by Vorochilov’s side, military officer and politician, at the Kremlin.

I was subjugated. Eventhough it started to look more like a serious book, I was wondering what could be the link between Staline and a Farm ?

But, what a surprise ! I actually loved it. In fact, the story isn’t about animals. The author uses them as a sort of « allegory », to represent, denounce and criticize the Soviet totalitarian regimes (not surprising, knowing that the book was written after the Second World War). George Orwell is actually a committed writer.

Here’s the story : the animals start revolting against the owner of the Farm, and make him go away. They’re alone, try to establish new rules, far from the tyranny established by humans. They are finally equals, and work for themselves, their production isn’t the human’s one, it’s their.

But step by step, a gap is being created between them, some animals become leaders, some become «slaves », without even realizing it. And so they are, like, recreating the tyranny they wanted to escape from.

This book is about totalitarianism and dictatorship. It’s about reacting, resisting, and revolting. It’s about equality, insurbodination. And it’s pure genius.

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