OMG. I just realized, while I was looking at the huge number of unpublished articles on my blog, that I left a lot of drafts that I planned on posting a very long time ago – and I didn’t ! Articles about subjects that seemed very important to me. And I didn’t post them because I didn’t have time, or because I wasn’t proud enough of what I wrote. Anyway, today I definitely have to catch up. Here’s an article I wrote about like 4 or 5 monts ago.

It’s about a comic. It’s titled « Ceci n’est pas une biographie« , in reference to the Treachery of Images (this is not a pipe). You may have understood, today, we’re going to talk about René Magritte. But not about his work. We’ll talk about Vincent Cambus and Thomas Campi, author and illustrator of this amazing comic.

Talking about the Belgian pioneer of the surrealist movement is no small matter. But Cambus and Campi had the great idea to make this kind of biography a pretty, funny and poetic travel into Magritte’s universe.

The story is Charles Singulier’s one. A common guy, who once buys at the market a bowler hat – surprising fantasy for such a reserved and not-fancy-at-all man. But, once he gets home, impossible to remove the hat from his head.

Then it’s just a chain of surrealist events that come to disrupt the character’s quiet life, who is forced by enhanced strengths to drill Magritte’s mystery. Helped by a beautiful young lady working at the museum, he’s trying to guess the aim of Magritte’s work through his paintings, which are supposed to give answers to his questions and lead him – or not – to the resolution of Magritte’s mysterious life.

« Magritte’s work is figurative, but it’s a permanent attack against representation. »

« The real life is always somewhere else that does not exist. »

(traduced from French).

I’ve really been kind of… transported, by this lovely story and these amazingly poetic drawings. I could read it over and over and over, I feel like I’ll never get bored. The atmosphere is fairly reported, and it’s the first time I feel that much close to an artist’s mind. Even though I didn’t know him personally, of everything I read about him, this book seems to be the most faithful so far.

The title also seems faithful to me. First, because the authors had the great idea to use the artist’s famous sentence « this is not a pipe« , but also because the title has a sense : it is not a biography, as it says, it’s a real immersion into this fascinating life, throughout someone else’s one.

Well, I won’t tell you more. Except… read it ! (Lombard Editions)

5 commentaires sur « This is not a biography ! »

  1. (suite du commentaire, erreur de manipulation)
    dessein n’était que la reproduction de la pipe effectivement et n’était pas la pipe en bois. Youpi, tu m’as fait réfléchir, car au premier abord je ne savais pas quoi te dire… Bravo, continue tu
    m’intéresses !
    Bonnes vacances


  2. J’ai bien aimé les photos surtout la 1ère et la dernière te montrant sur Instagram et super la façon de peintre avec ce bâton et la pâte qui me laissait un goût de chantilly colorée en bleue



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