Aahhh Dadaism… What can I say about it ?

Dadaism generates several questions which are nearly impossible to answer. Is Dadaism real art, or simple bullshit ?

Tony Cragg

The original principle of this movement was to think that « everything is art« . But, is everything really art ?
On Wednesday, I went to the Monnaie de Paris to see « Floor-naments« , an exhibition of the Centre Pompidou‘s major sculptures – for the 40th birthday of the museum – lasting until the 9th of July. This exhibition exposes the work of different artists, mostly belonging to the Dadaist movement.


When I got out of the museum, I realized I still hadn’t cleared my mind, and my opinion about Dadaism hadn’t evolved.

I mean, for example, when I see, laying on the floor, in the middle of the room, a random wooden coat rack, alone, with no ornament, no addition, no personal touch, and people calling it « art« … I simply don’t get it. I mean, what the heck ?! Marcel Duchamp put a wooden coat rack on the floor, and because he did this, we call him an « artist« ? But everyone can do that (uurrgghh I hate when people say that, but, this time, it’s true !). Does it mean when I take my shoes off and put them on the floor, I am an artist ? 

I know a lot of people won’t agree with me, ’cause this is a very debatable topic. (We will discuss that in a forthcoming article).

Okay, last year, I studied Dadaism, and I learnt some interesting things. I know the aim of these artists is to divert the object from its main function, to make it a piece of art instead of a common object and blaablaalaaa…. Okay ! But to me, it’s not a sufficient reason !

Claudio Parmiggiani

Anyway, I have to admit there were some work that I found quite interesting – althou
gh I am still not entirely convinced. For example, when Claudio Parmiggiani dulls our visual and olfactory senses by putting different pigments and spices that embalm the room and create a pleasant mix of bright colors. Or when Valie Export imitates, reproduces with her own body the shape of street objects.

I am not ruling out the possibility to change my mind about Dadaism. Maybe one day I’ll completely understand the aim of these artists, and become a fan of this movement ! Who knows…

Jochen Gerz


3 commentaires sur « Floor-naments »

  1. Autant les œuvres de ce mouvement avaient un intérêt certain dans l’esprit de « frivolité » (de mise à la fin des années de guerre), autant elles ne sont plus aujourd’hui que revêtues de l’habit du snobisme.
    A « snober » en ce qui me concerne !!!


  2. Je suis de ton avis, est-ce vraiment de l’art ? je n’en ferai pas mon « dada »
    Par contre, les photos sur Instagram sont plus près de l’art et j’aime bien celles du vélo avec l’artiste et des objets dans la pièce en haut à droite



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