At the Palais Royal Theater in Paris, Edmond, a play by Alexis Michalik, is being performed from the 23rd of April to  the 23rd of December.

Edmond tells the story of Edmond Rostand, French writer, poet and playwright born in the XIXth century. More precisely, it’s a focus on the period of his life during which he created his famous and timeless play : Cyrano de Bergerac. Of course everyone knows Cyrano, main character of the play, cadet and talented man, excellent poet and joyful musician, but with one prominent, broad, bulbous, fleshy, ugly nose.

12 unknown actors, running on the scene, mimicking, changing sets, costumes and roles, playing different characters, different voices, accents, their lines forming logical sequences.

Excellent dialogues, astonishing performance, remarkable staging… the whole thing for an hectic story that doesn’t lack for twists and turns ! The producer definitely did an impressive work. His wish not to have famous comedians in his company is totally understandable : indeed, the fact that the actors were unknown to the wide public helped focusing on the story and their performance which was, actually, as good – or even better – as/than some famous actors.

These comedians – Anna MIHALCEA, Christian MULOT, Christine BONNARD, Guillaume SENTOU, Jean-Michel MARTIAL / Eriq EBOUANEY, Kévin GARNICHAT, Nicolas LUMBRERAS, Pierre BENEZIT, Pierre FOREST, Régis VALLEE, Stéphanie CAILLOL, Valérie VOGT – definitely deserve to become more widely known ! And to do so, YOU absolutely have to go see this play !

I’m counting on you…



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