When I entered the first room of the Bourdelle Museum, I was quite confused. Actually, I didn’t know who Antoine Bourdelle was, I had no idea he was an artist, and that this museum was dedicated to him. So you can understand how surprise I was when I discovered the « Grand Hall des Plâtres » (=the Great Hall of plasters) filled with immense plaster sculptures, in an exhibition that I thought entirely dedicated to clothes (Balenciaga’s ones).

I was like « Uuugghh? Did we take the wrong way? »IMG_1548

And then, after taking a second look (and putting my glasses on my tiny nose, yeah.), I realized there were, hiding behind some sculptures, mannequins, dressed in Balenciaga. All in black, all in wonderful vintage clothes, yet, they do not show their age.

This surprising mix between sculpture and clothes, this curious point at which art and fashion meet… yet, they’re both so close. Balenciaga was an artist, as much as Bourdelle was. Also the contrast between the brightness of the huge art pieces and the darkness of these black dresses, that curiously seems to bring them closer.

Of course, this exhibition takes place in this museum to rekindle interest. Because I think a huge number of people, including myself, wouldn’t go to it only to see Bourdelle’s work, which has, with the passage of time, has shown its age ! But, I mean, mixing those two different arts, who would have thought of it ?!

Anyway, I think you understood, I LOVED IT !


7 commentaires sur « Balenciaga X Bourdelle : L’oeuvre au noir »

  1. What beautiful sculptures and what beautiful clothes! I am a major fan of Balenciaga, especially it’s vintage pieces!! Cristobal was a true couturier!

    If you want to see some fabulous outfit pairings and fashion show reviews, you should click this link to my blog, view and come and follow me:


    The pieces on my blog are like beautiful works of art!



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