Today is, I think, the first time I’m giving my opinion about music on my blog. In music, as in other categories of art, I have very… eclectic tastes. Which is quite practical, because I don’t like one kind of music in particular, so I am able to talk about a large quantity of different styles.

In this post, I am going to talk about the hip hop kind of Music. About an artist I recently discovered, thanks to a friend. He’s name, as indicated in the title, is Rilès.

Rilès is a supervisor in a school in the North of France (Rouen). And he decided that, during a year, he’ll record a song each week. So every Sunday, a new one comes out.

What’s amazing about him :

  • He sings in English. He took lessons for that.
  • He does everything on his own (he writes his songs, he records them… he even produces his own video clips!) at home.
  • Besides his work as a supervisor, he finds the time to dedicate himself to his art, and to create one song per week. Seriously, how couldn’t we find that amazing ?
  • He’s creative, independent. And his lyrics, although you may find them quite vulgar, really seem to mean something to him. And that’s what makes him an artist, contrary to many rap stars. He looks like he’s enjoying at its maximum what he’s doing, and communicates his joy through his music.
  • He’s really cute. Well, that’s a detail. 😉

Before I live like a king / Gotta work like a slave / For the music », he says in his song Jungle. Well, I bet he will live like a king one day, because he truly deserves it.

I know rap music isn’t the kind of music everyone likes. But you can still listen to it. Because I think it really is worth it. We owe him at least one listening, because people working hard like him deserve attention. We should stop paying attention to the wrong things, and start taking an interest in real artists.

Press play right below. Listen to it twice, because I am pretty sure we can’t judge a song at the first listening.


To listen to other sounds, visit his website :

Posted by:Victoire

8 réponses sur « Rilès »

  1. Perfect and nothing more to add but thank you … I like his music .!! . Will listen to him in the future .,
    Greetings from Tours ..

    Bisous Baba


  2. What an open mind you have. Quite cute boy and not too bad a music to listen to, but not too often. You should try opera sometime. Love and hugs, your Mimi


  3. J’ai bien aimé la musique de « love the way you » et « the cleaning lady » mais il me manque la
    traduction des paroles…dommage



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