Sweet Sweet potatoes,
As you read in the title, big news today.

Yesterday, while I was talking with a friend about my wish to take drama lessons, she advised me to try my luck at the Conservatory of Nice.

From this moment, I couldn’t stop thinking about it, and this afternoon, she came with me at the school to drop my application.

So here it is. I just have to wait, for four months. And on the 13th of September, I’m auditioning in front of the members of the jury. And if I succeed, my dream will finally come true. I’ll be initiated to drama.

For the audition, I have to recite a poem or an extract of a play, in French. Here are some plays I’ve already been thinking about :

  • Oreste’s tirade in Andromaque by Jean Racine.
  • Dans la solitude des champs de coton by Bernard Marie Koltes.
  • Phèdre’s tirade in Jean Racine’s play.

If you have one in mind, please tell me in the comments. I’d rather perform a tragedy, because I have an ability to cry whenever I want, so… it could make it easier, see 😉

7 commentaires sur « Big news ! »

  1. Super idée théâtrale ! Et le 13 sept sera l’anniversaire de papi en espérant qu’il te porte chance.
    Au travail pour les tirades dramatiques mais garde des larmes pour la joie !
    Je te vois déjà sur les planches…



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