Hi there !

Just landed from London (well, actually, that was 6 days ago, but… I wrote this article when I came back and didn’t have time to finish it until today – and… I still feel jet lagged, you know ?). YAAAYY ! Planning some big surprises, and a looot of pictures are waiting to be posted on my Instagram.

Stay tuned, baby squids !

The day after my come back from my week in England, full of disgusting and barely cooked french fries and popular art (I am talking about Madame Tussaud’s here, that we visited on the first day), it felt urgent to get back to better habits.

First step : eat a lot of tomatoes and organic (very important!) apples, and get out of sight any form of junk food that could make my stomach suffer more.

Second step : get back to smarter and more intellectual activities than posing in front of Kim Kardashian’s waxwork, making faces to the (now ancient) French president, or putting my middle finger up next to the fake Donald Trump.


That’s why on Sunday, I went to Les Abattoirs in Nice, where was taking place « Eclairage Public ». A 3 days event based on artistic creation, and hosted at the 109, former slaughterhouses, transformed into a « center of contemporary culture ».

Okay. So, firstly, the place was… creepy. Seriously, wandering in a shabby place full of poor dead animals’ souls – uurrrgghh, who’s next to become vegan ? – NO. WAY.

Then, to top it all off, to make this event look even more frightening and seedier than it already was, there was a « theatre room » I almost entered before a man gently recommended me not to, where was a provided a movie about the animal’s death in the slaughterhouses.

Anyway, for the sake of art, I took it upon myself. Fortunately, there was a band, having a little concert, which helped forgetting this grim and spooky place.

Let me now turn to the artworks. Some were definitely bullshit, as often, but some were not that bad. But the art pieces weren’t highlighted, enhanced enough to be noticed. The place was too big, for quite irrelevant works. Plus, you must know I am really not keen on Contemporary Art, and this event did nothing except reinforcing my – unfortunately negative – opinion.

I can’t tell I hated everything, it would be a lie. Some things pleased me anyway, and I don’t want you to generalize my opinion, because everyone must know how subjective Art is. But… I was expecting much better, and I think for the small amount of good artworks there was, it wasn’t really worth it.


Benoit Baragli, Notre-Dame d’Amirat, 2016.
Jeanne Berbinau-Aubry, Lustre, 2016.


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