You know this movie, in which Ben stiller, playing the role of Larry, a museum attendant,  spends his nights in the Museum of Natural History, and discovers that each statue, painting or skeleton comes alive at night.

Well, on Saturday, I had the same experience – except that, unfortunately, the pieces of art were… static (too baaad). 😦

Yesterday, from 6 pm to 11 pm, some museums of Nice were open to the public, by night, and in each one was taking place a little animation, or performance, or temporary exhibition.

Let me tell you about the lovely night I had…

  1. We first headed to the Musée Matisse… 


         …Where the choir of the Conservatory of Nice was singing amazing lyrical songs. One of my friends was singing there, and I was very
pleased to see her.


2. Then we rushed towards the Musée de la Photographie…

…Where was taking place a fashion show organized by the Condé School, an Art Design School in Nice, showing the student’s work.

Actually, the clothes that were presented were quite badly done, unfinished and didn’t… meet our expectations, I guess. Nonetheless, it was cool to « attend a fashion show »,and the atmosphere was really good.

(really got to train taking fashion pictures…)

3. We did a little detour to La Galerie des Ponchettes…

…Where, in a huge room smelling disgusting sugar, were settled  immense and noisy ventilators making cotton candy. Very strange.

4. We went to La Galerie de la Marine…

…In which Nicolas Horvath did, during 6 hours, a piano performance to honor Philip Glass’s 80 years, great music master.


Poetic, sensual and melodious, this performance was one of the most enjoyable. Everyone was laying on the ground, closing eyes and being lulled by this relaxing music.

5. We ended this night at the Palais Lascaris…

…Where two musicians were playing a lovely traditional indian music with weird instruments I’ve never seen before.

It was a good occasion for me to visit this lace I’ve never been to before. A gently man came to us and explained us some captivating things about the place, in a ludic and funny way.

« Le baroque déteste ce qui est nu » he said.

(= Baroque hates what’s naked).


What a charming way to finish this lovely night !

Posted by:Victoire

6 réponses sur « Night at the Museum »

  1. Je m’inscris également, cette soirée a été très intéressante, contente pour toi. A l’Opéra vendredi soir nous avons assisté à un très beau concert classique avec des voix de ténor, baryton, soprano
    à couper le souffle sur des airs de Verdi, Puccini. Peut-être viendras-tu une prochaine fois savourer ce genre de musique


  2. j’ai fait la nuit des musées à strasbourg et c’était trop trop cool aussi ! de la musique baroque aussi ahah, musées des beaux arts et d’art moderne, c’était grv une bonne ambiance donc j’imagine qu’à nice c’était pareil !! xx



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