Press play right below, so you can be in the total-mamma-mia-mood while reading !

Oooohh, I should have posted this article a long time ago (as what I am going to talk about happened 2 weeks ago), but the lack of time is one of my biggest problems in life.

Anyway. I obviously couldn’t not talk about this, so I am going to do it no matter what – and as we say, « better late than never ».

So maybe you understood – maybe not. Today’s post is about Mamma Mia. I must have seen the movie like a dozen times, no kidding.

And 5 years ago – I was 11 years old at this time – I saw the musical, in NYC. But it was in bad conditions : I was far from the scene, and my English wasn’t good enough to understand well – and I may have fallen asleep during the show (oops!). So it wasn’t a memorable experience to me.

During the week I spent in England, I went to the Novello Theatre in London, and saw, for the second time, the musical. And it was…



Mainly because, this time, I understood everything. It was punchy, entertaining, the atmosphere was so good, joyful – and even if I was up since 6 in the morning, I haven’t thought, if only one time, about falling asleep during the show (it’s to say how cool it was !). I was singing out loud each song with my friends, shouting, laughing, clapping. 🙂

At the end, the whole public stood up and started dancing in the small place they had, between two rows of seats, and singing the songs by heart.

The actors were incredible – although their English accent surprised me at first !

Still one catch – because there always has to be one – or I could say a half-catch, because I am not totally sure of what I am going to say, (hum…) : the actors seemed to be lip-synching during the whole show (not only for the songs, also for the dialogs !). I insist on the word « seemed » because I am not completely convinced… But the voices echoed like if the actors had microphones on them, but my friends and I, we’ve been looking closely at them, and couldn’t find any of them with a micro… Plus, sometimes when they were dancing, we couldn’t here them breathing – though believe me, they had reasons to be out of breath !

Anyway, besides this disappointing detail, I had an amazing time, and just after we got out, we listened over and over to the soundtrack, and that same evening, we watched the movie – again, again and again !

Aaaannndd… BREAKING NEWS : I just read earlier on the web that the movie sequel is planned for 2018 !!!!! 10 years later ! As I said, « better late than never ».


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