As she’s always on the outlook for a good activity around art, my Mom told me about the Château La Coste.

What is the Château La Coste ? It’s an immennnnnssseee estate, known for mixing wine, architecture, and art. I’ll explain.


So on Friday we arrived in this amazing place, almost entirely covered with greenery in which were nestling various constructions, concrete walls and art pieces.

When we first got here, it looked like a very cute village. We had a wonderful lunch in this lovely restaurant surrounded by little houses covered with vines and occupied by a wine cellar, a gallery, or a ticket office.

_DSC0858Then, once we bought our tickets, and the lady gently told us that the excursion was lasting two hours, under the shinning sun we sneaked – equipped with five bottles of water and a simple map – into the nature – like true adventurers ! So we had to do go over the place, in which were settled different pieces, from different artists.

The tour was lovely. Alone in the nature, with birds singing and the breeze stroking the leaves on the trees, and the smell of spring scenting the air, and this landscape… – wow, Victoire this poetic outburst ! I’m impressed ! – (lol.). _DSC0824

Some artworks were stunning. For example this dark and cold room, dome-shapped, embedded in the stone wall, in which we discovered a kind of giant upside-down bird nest (Andy Goldsworthy‘s work). Also these photographs representing the sea at different times and with different effects. And the huge spider made by Louise Bourgeois. Or Calder‘s artwork floating on the water. I liked it very much.

There were also lots of interactive works, that were very enjoyable.

But the others were… disappointing. Disappointing is the word. Some weren’t highlighted enough, confused or even hidden by the trees. The pieces were in harmony with the nature, admittedly, but some were so in confusion with it that we barely noticed them. That was the bad point.

Otherwise, the place was fabulous, and being lost in the nature for a couple hours, smelling fresh air, away from pollution and city noises… it cannot hurt !

Oh and, something I loved : Ai Weiwei‘s exhibition « Mountains and Seas » was presented in the gallery – and it lasts until the 18th of June ! Finesse, poetry, his work seems to be floating in the air… Something to make us travel in his universe, as in a dream.

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6 commentaires sur &Idquo;Arty Promenade : Château La Coste&rdquo

  1. C’est formidable ce que tu as découvert dans cet endroit. Bravo continue dans tes recherches
    et merci de nous en faire part
    Gros bisou



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