And here I thought, and here I believed – and assured – that holidays would be a source of time and inspiration to me… Well, inspiration is quite present, though the clock seems to be ticking twice as fast as it is during school time !

Anyway, at least one thing is good about vacation : you can choose the things you want to do – I am talking about cultural stuff here. I’m visiting more places, doing more exhibitions, attending more events ; and, consequently, I’ve got more things to talk about.

All I need to find now is the time to talk about them.

Fair is fair guys. 🙂

My best friend and I went to the Villa Cameline, aka the Abandoned House. Sounds kinda creepy, and trust me, it is (kidding here).


You understood well. We visited an Abandoned House – not for the sensitive ! (lol). Don’t take me wrong : I did no illegal thing. I didn’t illegally break-in. This called « Abandoned House » is actually a… Museum ! Yes. It is a real house, not far from my neighborhood, that isn’t supposed to frighten the visitors – yet I admit I wouldn’t spend a night alone in there.

‘Cause this House has a soul, for real. Indeed, it has been abandoned for 15 years, damaged, illegally occupied… until it was inaugurated, in 2003, as a kind of museum where artists ephemerally expose their work in order to « promote various forms of creation« .


It is a private place, that you can visit by making an appointment with the person in charge of it. When you enter the house, you’re not disappointed. The name isn’t lying : it IMG_5114seriously looks like an abandoned house. The owners didn’t change anything. Cracked walls, torn wall paper, creaking floor… creepy af.

Yet, this odd atmosphere gives another dimension to the work exposed. It gives it… interest, originality. It highlights it. Honestly, the exhibition that was taking place when I was there, « DES NOUVELLES DE NOS CONTREES OBSCURES » didn’t please me a lot. I actually didn’t really get it. It was a collective project around utopia. Mix of photos, texts, tiny buildings models… Not extraordinary.

Though, these quite sad pictures, with low color, and this recording, with this gloomy voice spread in the room, mixed up in the lonely, weird atmosphere of the place… it became quite more interesting.


And it made me think about the importance of the place where artworks are exposed. I think it has a real influence on the public’s opinion. Don’t you think ?

The exhibition ends on the 5th of July. But you can still visit the house when a new exhibition comes out. I wasn’t keen on the artworks I discovered, but I think the place is definitely worth the visit.

I give you the link to all the informations :



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5 commentaires sur &Idquo;The Abandoned House&rdquo

  1. c’est beau je trouve 🙂 moi j’aime bien ! C’est sympa de nous faire partager tes découvertes 😀 histoire de décompresser un peu (j’en ai maaaaarre de réviser!!!)


  2. C’est surprenant ce que tu as découvert dans cette maison . Je suis allée voir le site et l’œuvre qui m’a intéressée est celle du lustre reliant toutes ces bouteilles de champagne, hic ! Bien sur ma préférence
    est celle de l’escalier où une jolie jeune fille a pris place , en espérant que le mur fissuré tiendra encore quelques années.
    Bonnes recherches estivales


  3. Oui les oeuvres sur le site sont très belles, mais ce ne sont pas celles que j’ai vues ! Ce sont les oeuvres de l’exposition précédente. J’aurais du y aller plus tot, car cette dernière m’intéressait plus que celle que j’ai vue… Mais bon.
    Doux baisers.



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