A very short article today. Simply because I am going to talk about something I’ve already talked about, a year ago.

It’s about the International Yoga Day.

It took place on Sunday (but the official day was earlier in the week). At the Hill of the Castel of Nice, as usually. I went there with my best friend, who’s keen on yoga, like me, and had never been to an event like that.

We were busy this day and couldn’t stay the whole day, so we just had time to attend the first class, at 9:30am. We were, like, around a hundred persons, following the teacher’s words and moves, coordinated, like we were, all together, forming only one thing, moving as one, breathing as one. There was an almost disconcerting benevolence.

I think I just can’t explain how I felt during this class, which was lasting 1 hour and 30 minutes, under the heat, shadowless, moving, sweating… But, it seemed like, everyone was supporting each other, in a figurative way, no one judging, no one looking at others, and almost no one seemed to have difficulties imitating the moves, though trust me, the struggle was big.

During this time, I was, like, in another world, in another mood, completely apart from the « real life« . I felt… secure. And I had to talk about it, to share my experience.

Anyway, I’ve been searching for a link between yoga and art, knowing that my blog is only about art. When we refer to the dictionary’s definition,

Art is a quality, production, expression, or realm, according to aesthetic principles, of what is beautiful, appealing, or of more than ordinary significance.

So, unless you’ve got any objection, to me, yoga is an art. Probably belonging to the « performance art » category. It is, indeed, the expression of feelings and of a certain way of living, of a philosophy, through beautiful, good-looking moves (personal definition here).

When people ask which sport I practice, and I answer (very proudly) « yoga« , the common response (usually after 30 seconds of mockery) is : « yoga isn’t a sport« .

And all I want to answer is : « You little foolish (to be polite), in addition to being a real sport, where you sweat and strengthen your core, YOGA IS EVEN AN ART !! ».

Huummm. I lost my temper. lol.

Anyway, I really felt like I had to write this article, to explain what I felt during this moment, and to explain my point of view. Of course, yours can be different, and then I encourage you to share it in the comments. Otherwise if you agree with me, say it too ! ^^

Oh and, by the way, did I say « very short article »??? XD.


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