Here’s my problem : I’ve got time, and inspiration. I got them, and won’t let ’em go. That’s for sure. But now that I’ve finally found them, another thing left me : my motivation.

My days are empty, and I’ve got plenty of things to talk about. But I’ve got that awful laziness that prevents me from writing my articles. This laziness that pushes me staying hours in bed doing nothing. This laziness that pushes me watching series instead of writing. That forces me to blame the lack of time while I’m spending my days watching dozens of episodes of How To Get Away With Murder in a row.

So yes, I am very near the Borderline. Though that’s not the reason why I titled this post like that. « Borderline » is actually the name of the exhibition I saw yesterday. (Hahahaha. Tricked you). 🙂


It was – and it’s still – taking place at the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco. The exhibition is presenting Philippe Pasqua‘s work. 11 pieces, exactly, all respecting the museum’s theme, namely the ocean.

P. P is a famous French artist. I didn’t know him. Or, I mean, I’ve probably seen his work before, but, it must have been when I wasn’t interested in art, or at least to young to pay attention to the artworks I saw.

Anyway, it was a great discovery, or rediscovery for me.

If you’ve already been to this museum, you must know how giant it is, how huge the rooms are, how high the ceiling is. So, there is no place where the artist’s work could fit better, knowing how big his pieces are.

Massive, impressive sculptures, mostly made with bronze. An immense skull, an imposing shark mouth, or an amazing shark, laying on the ground, attached with a rope to a high steel support, moving with the wind, like he was alive and ready to eat youIMG_5428

But also his absolutely incredibly big paintings, almost taking up the whole wall, with this woman’s face amazingly drawn on it, disconcertingly expressive, almost disturbing.

I mean, seriously, these enormous artworks, in this fascinating museum… even if you don’t like them (some artworks didn’t please me that much, admittedly), you can’t not find them… breathtaking. The place is seriously highlighting the pieces, and, vice versa, the work exposed gives to the museum another dimension… like, in a surrealistic way.

I’ve you’ve been reading my articles for quite a long time, you must know that to me, art is 50% aesthetic, 50% meaning. And I think Philippe Pasqua‘s work is perfectly respecting this rule (my rule, lol).

Anyway, I loved it, and you should definitely see this exhibition, ’cause I think it’s definitely worth it ! It’s until the 30th of September. Hurry up !

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Une réponse sur « Borderline »

  1. ben dis donc ! monumental, impressionnant, choc physique, très spécial , baleine immense, requin splendide, oursins oh lala, visages expressifs et vus seulement sur l’écran . Je crois que même en l’imaginant, le réel doit être très très très surprenant. Merci de ce partage spectaculaire



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