OOOHHH, dear readers,

Before talking, let me apologize. I don’t know what happened to me, for real. I, like, went from « blogosphere addict » to perfect stranger in a month. So sorry for that.

But, no worry, I am back at it. For good.

The event I am going to talk about – even though it took place a month ago, and I am late (I know) – proved me, more than ever, that


It took place on the 1st of July,  in Monaco (god, VERY LATE). The whole Place du Casino was dedicated to it, just like the inside of the Casino, and the terrasse under the construction. A huge scene was set on the Place, and, from 6p.m to the morning, the whole place was on fire ! (in a abstract way, obviously) 🙂


This year, it was the first edition of the event. F(ê)aites de la Danse was like, a succession of dancing shows, performed by professionals, with different dancers, and different styles. Hip-hop, bellydance, pole dance, tango, salsa, but also traditional dances, and line dances… for all tastes !

It was like… incredible. Really. And so friendly. Full of joy, passion, and FUN !!!

It kinda blew my mind (in a positive kind of way). I was so amazed by the shows, but mainly by the atmosphere. People from all countries, dancers, amateurs, or simple curious, reunited for the love of dance, which is definitely international.


The spectators could also participate, which was amazing. Material and lessons were made available to the public, which made it way more attractive. Everyone was dancing, smiling, following the moves, or just watching ; but for sure, everyone was having fun.

Delicious food was also available, but it wasn’t free, and it was very expensive

There also was a dance marathon, lasting 6 hours ! It was fun watching the dancers giving their best on the dance floor.


And then, the outdoor dance floor ! (best part). Around 1a.m., everyone started shaking booty, jumping, hands in the air, occupying the whole square, under DJ Boust‘s sounds. It was simply… amazing.

The event was lasting until the morning or so, and at 2a.m there was the « mute night club« , it means 1000 big headphones were available to listen music and dancing with other people, but with no sound around, in silence

. Unfortunately, I couldn’t attend it… But, no matter what, I heard that the headphones were booked in advance by people. So, no regret.

Apparently, the event will only take place every two years… but, at least it will give them time to prepare the next one, make it even more incredible than it was this year, and renew it. Looking forward to attending it !

From this event, we will keep in mind :

  • the friendly atmosphere, and the sharing.
  • the fact that the event suited every dance and music tastes, which helped bringing together different communities.
  • there was no space for boredom.
  • it was definitely worth coming !
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4 commentaires sur &Idquo;F(ê)aites De La Danse !&rdquo

  1. Oh ! comme j’aurais aimé y participer, Peut-être me faudra-t-il attendre 2 ans ?
    Qu’as-tu dansé toi ? le Hip Hop ?
    Bon week end



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