On Friday night – not yesterday, but the week before (yes, again, I am really late) – I was, in Nice, at the concert of M. M as Matthieu Chedid, french singer, famous poet Andrée Chedid‘s grandson, famous singer Louis Chedid‘s son, and brother of two other singers, Joseph and Anna, and a filmmaker, Emilie. Bottom line is : Matthieu Chedid comes from an artistic family, and couldn’t be something other than an artist. And he’s a great one, for sure !

I’ve been listening to his music since I was a very little girl, thanks to my mom and dad’s good tastes !

And today, I still listen to him, to the point that I’ve seen him three times in concert. And each one was incredible ! Even though I don’t listen to him everyday, his music is like an old friend that you don’t see often but who you’re still happy to see !

I never get tired of it, and even if I don’t know all the songs by heart, going to his concert is still pleasant to me.

He came in Nice for the Jazz Festival, and presented his latest album : Lamomali, in collaboration with Toumani Diabaté & Sidiki Diabaté. Indeed, M wasn’t alone on the scene the other night. He was joined by Malian singers and musician, who sang with him.

M seems to have an unconditional love for Africa. At the beginning, I was a bit scared. I’ve listened to the album before attending the concert, and I must say that even if I liked it, Malian music isn’t really my type.

M was probably a bit scared too. After all, it was a long shot ! People like him for his music, and not everybody wants to come to listen to African music, which is, admittedly, quite special (not in a bad way, I simply mean not everyone likes it !) 😉

Though, the concert was amazing. As good as usually. But with that little thing in addition, that changed everything : the african artists, dressed with their traditional clothes, dancing, singing, and bringing joy to the concert.

Everyone seemed to appreciate it ! The atmosphere was amazingly friendly and fun, everyone was impressed by the artists’s voices, they had such a power in their vocal chords, something that gave you goose bumps, that made you tingle everywhere.

Honestly, I would never have been to an african music concert, but this one (even though it wasn’t only african music, but a mix of it and french variety) pleased me a lot, surprisingly ! I think M had such a great idea making his public discover these great artists, to promote them.

Matthieu Chedid‘s such a great performer, and seems to be such a good person ! You can’t help but smiling and feeling empathy every time he opens his mouth.

At the end, he asked Charlie Winston, who was in the public, to come on the scene and sing with him. I mean, seriously, everything seems to be improvised, and that gives so much joy, makes the show way more alive. And that’s what I love.

Thanks, M.

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