If you follow me on social networks, you may know that I was supposed to come back from Greece on the 30th of August… Unfortunately – or I’d rather say LUCKILY – the flight was… cancelled. And guess what ? We had to spend the night in Mykonos.

So we stayed at some friend’s house, and had a really great time. Indeed, the day after, while we were eating breakfast, the husband (it’s a couple) showed me some paintings he made, and told me : « hey, you interested in making something like that in 10 minutes? Quick art« . How could I resist ?

So he came with a wooden board, some acrylic paint, some blades and some acrylic coating. We started by covering the whole surface of the board with coating.

Once we couldn’t see the wood anymore, we drew an horizontal line (as the delimitation between the sea an the sky – I wanted to draw a sunset), and some islands.

Then we used some blue acrylic paint that we mixed with some coating, and then we spread it on the support with the blade (it was supposed to represent the sky).

It is a quite complicated technic, it required attention and precision, and also a lot of strength, because my arm was starting to suffer 🙂

Then we painted the islands the same way, and so we did for the sea, except that we didn’t use coating in order to make it smooth like the waves.


We put some acrylic bomb on the sea to represent the reflect of the sun. To finish, we sanded the whole painting to make it clean.

I really enjoyed this « lesson », and I appreciated learning new technics. I discovered how to use coating, and found it very interesting as I think it gives the artwork relief and perspective, and make it look even more real !

I have to admit, it took me a few hours – way more than the 10 minutes he promised ^^ Anyway, I had a lot of fun, and even if I am not so proud of what I did and I am definitely not going to hang it on the wall, I am planning to try it again, at home, to improve my new skills !


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