Today I am going to talk about a book. A deeply moving book. Probably one of the most amazing I’ve ever read. Written by Romain Gary, and titled La vie devant soi.


So first, storytime : this novel is actually a story in itself. Indeed, as some of you – well, A LOT OF YOU I hope, ’cause I keep telling everyone my readers are amazing, so let’s not ruin our reputation right now ! 🙂 – Romain Gary wrote this book under a nickname : Emile Ajar. That way, he won a second Goncourt prize (the first one was for Les racines du ciel – a book that I just added to my want-to-read list) which is normally forbidden, but which, above all, is a proof of what a freaking amazing writer he is !!

« Monsieur Hamil dit qu’on peut tout faire avec les mots mais sans tuer des gens »

I think last time I felt that way was when I read Momo des Halles. And I actually realized the two stories were quite close. Emile Ajar‘s book is about a young little muslim boy unconditionally in love with the old jewish woman who takes care of him and other prostitutes’ children, and whom he, in his turn, will take care of, until her death.

It’s an incredibly beautiful love story, an uncommon one. The love this young guy has for this woman who isn’t even his mother is very disconcerting. And the way she takes care of him, she cherishes him, she treats him is sooo touching. This story’s breathtaking.

« J’avais déjà neuf ans […] et on pense déjà, à cet âge, sauf peut être quand on est heureux »

What is mostly incredible in this book is the writing style. It gives the impression that the main character – the boy – is talking. The author achieved a wonderful style by a 10 years-old child’s language – tough, rough, simple – but still making it sound poetic, elegant. It feels like he’s alive, directly talking to you, like he’s not a fictive character anymore. You could almost hear his voice.

Furthermore, this book is full of quotes. And as I had this habit from school in keeping to underline every interesting sentence, now my book is filled with linesnotes, and pencil marks.

« C’est marrant quand on pense à toutes les belles choses qu’il y a dans le monde »

Maybe I am over exaggerating, but if I could make my own list of the Seven Wonders of The World, this book would probably figure in it !



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4 commentaires sur « Romain Gary, « La vie devant soi » »

  1. Great article
    But if I may .. Two small corrections

    Achieved to use …
    I would suggest  » the author achieved a wonderful style by using …  »

    Kept from school the habit

    « I had this habit from school in keeping ..  »

    Otherwise ,as usual , great read, congrats !!!




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