A lot of things have happened to me since I got back from vacation. Some were good, some were less so, but I tried my best to turn them all to my advantage. And among these numerous events, there is one, even greater than everything else : I passed my audition to enter the Conservatory‘s drama lessons. AND I SUCCEEDED !!!


You probably remember I posted an article some months ago about it. I’ve been thinking (and overthinking) about it for months, and the day finally came, on Wednesday 13th.

It was hard to find a good and original text to present, but I finally found and picked, by chance, « Le Menteur » by Jean Cocteau. (here’s the link to the site where I found it). I’ve been learning it for a month, repeating it in front of my mirror, refusing to play it in front of my parents and friends (don’t ask me why, I just don’t like it), filming myself when I was home alone and deleting it right away because I felt ridiculous and stupid and awkward and I kept thinking it was bad and I wasn’t prepared and blablabla… And then the big day arrived, where I had to say it in front of the juries (two men) in a huge room, really different then my bedroom where I used to revise.

It was quite intimidating at first, but by the minute I started letting the words come out of my mouth, everything went perfectly, naturally, and the sensation was… awesome.

I mean, even though I was very VERY stressed (especially during the three hours I had to wait until my turn, as it was in alphabetical order and I was at the end of the list – thanks daddy for giving me a family name beginning with letter T 😦 ), and I almost gave up as the stress was eating me up, I actually really liked the experience, and didn’t regret it at all !

But then came the dreaded, feared, hated but fateful moment : the improvisation !!!!


Here was subject : the two juries were playing my parents, and I had to come and ask them for help because something terrible happened in the street. I had 30 seconds to prepare, and then, start.

Suddenly, I came up with an idea, that, I think, pleased them a lot. So I run towards them, screaming « come! come and help me! a woman just fainted! a man asked her something, she screamed and then fell on the ground!« . As the juries were supposed to interact with me, they said, in a very dramatic way « omg! what happened? tell us! what did the guy ask the poor woman?« . And that’s when I answered « I think he asked her to improvise something!« . They laughed very hard – I think they really weren’t expecting that, and they asked me, still theatrically « ooh! that’s horrible! but, do you think this is really serious? » which I answered them « honestly, in her place, if someone had asked me to improvise, I would’ve probably faint too.« 

They really seemed to like my improv, which the fact that I succeeded confirmed. But something even more exciting proved me that I passed my audition well :

When I finished, the jury told me I would receive the results on Friday, and that, if I got accepted, the lesson would start next Wednesday, at 1:30 pm. That’s when I realized that, on Wednesday, I finish school at 2:30 pm, which made it impossible. I told them and they just said they would see what they can do.

So yesterday, I called the conservatory to know the results. I gave my name and the lady couldn’t find me on the list. I was very disappointed as I assumed I failed the test, and as I was about to hang up, the lady screamed « wait! wait! I was wrong! you are not on the list for the first year (the one I was auditioning for) but for the second year! ». That’s when I understood that, not only I succeeded the audition, but I was skipping a year, and I was directly going to the upper level…!!!!! (which is at 3:30 pm, so I am able to attend it)

It was a long and hard and stressful way to go through until this, but I realized that, even if I wanted to abandon several times, today nothing is worth the pleasure and the pride I feel right now.

Follow your dreams, and never give up when you encounter obstacles, because if you do, you will never know what would’ve happen if you hadn’t.


6 commentaires sur « I Got Accepted !!! (drama audition) »

  1. Wow, we are all proud of you and your acceptance to the theater. You should have given your name as Baum and then you wouldn’t have had to wait.!!!
    Wonderful news anyway and your article is nearly perfect !! Xxxxx


  2. Bravo ma pitchoun, va au bout de tes rêves, et si tu devais trébucher, persévère,
    Très fier de ce que tu es et si ton nom te fais passer en dernier, c’était pour mieux te rendfe fière d’avoir surmonté un stress plus important que si tu étais passée en premier.
    Je t’aime fort


  3. Je viens de prendre connaissance sur l’ordi de ce que tu nous avais partagé vendredi et qui nous avait émerveillés. Bravo encore pour la persévérance, le courage, la force de caractère, l’à-propos, le talent et la
    patience dont tu as fait preuve malgré l’attente si longue, le stress, et la peur de ne pas réussir . Bravo aussi pour le texte si vivant que tu as choisi. Quand l’auteur dit « Je ne voulais pas mentir et je ne peux pas supporter qu’on ne comprenne pas que je mens malgré moi », je pense à St Paul dans l’Evangile qui dit : « je fais le mal que je ne voudrais pas et je ne fais pas le bien que je voudrais », c’est bien un mauvais esprit pour ne pas
    dire le diable qui nous pousse à faire le mal et donc à mentir car Jésus dit être la Vérité.
    Bonne chance pour la suite au théâtre. Tu nous épateras toujours !



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