I discovered John Legend a few years ago. My parents saw him at the Nice Jazz Festival – they didn’t know him at the time – and loved his work. We started listening to his album Evolver, while we were on holidays in Greece. From then we couldn’t stop buying his albums and listening to his songs over and over. I think he’s the only singer I know all the songs by heart – and when I say « by heart » I mean it !

One day we were watching TV, he was live on a french tv show. We were listening to his amazing voice religiously, singing at the same time, and then, suddenly, we read, at the bottom of the screen, written in small white letters, that he was going on tour !!

First, my heart stopped. Then, I couldn’t breath. And I screeeaamed for nearly 5 minutes – I couldn’t stop myself. And then, we bought the tickets, OBVIOUUUSLY !!

And that’s how my dream came true. I saw, for the first time in my life, in a huuge theater, my favorite artist EVER, singing right in front of me (well, some meters away, but I still felt close to him anyway). And this moment was… magical. Simply wonderful, and I will never forget it.

To be honest, when he appeared on the scene, I cried a little bit 🙂 . I was so moved to finally see him, I’ve been waiting for this moment for so long, that when I heard the first note of the song, I couldn’t contain myself.

He had such an incredible voice, far beyond my expectations. He was singing even better in real life, which, I think, is the biggest proof that he is a real artist. I was amazed, on another planet. He went from one song to another very quickly, which at first didn’t really please me, but then I realized it was fine, because then he was able to sing a maximum of songs (which still wasn’t enough for me, honestly 😉 ).

At the end of the concert – and I think it was the first time I felt that way at a concert – I told myself : if I could, I would’ve stayed there the whole night, listening to him singing all of his songs, all of his albums, and I would’ve never get tired of it.

When I talk about him, most of the time people make that weird face, they frown and so I start whistling his most famous songs and then the nicest say « ahhh, yes I know him! » but they actually don’t, or they just simply keep frowning. One day, when I told a friend of mine how excited I was to go to his concert, she told me « okay, but, you only know one song, right?« . EXCUUUUSE ME ?


That’s why, dear readers, I need you to do me a favor : listen to his songs. Not only the famous ones. And listen to them more than one time, because we all know we can’t really appreciate a song if we don’t listen to it several times. Do it.

Because I think he clearly deserves it. 

Thank you. 

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3 commentaires sur &Idquo;A Dream Come True !&rdquo

  1. J’ai pu ressentir un peu de tes émotions en entendant ce chanteur à la voix si agréable (que tu me fais connaître)même si je ne comprends pas ses paroles. Je suis heureuse pour toi que tu aies passé un si beau moment en le partageant avec tes parents.



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