The first time I went to Amsterdam, I was younger, and I wasn’t « into art« , not as I am today. This year I went back there, for the 3rd time I think. But now that art became my passion, how could I go to Van Gogh‘s city and not visit his museum ??

I simply couldn’t.

So I went to the museum, and it was sooo crowded. I could’t breathe. In the first room, which was retracing the artist’s life, I felt a sort of disappointment. The pictures were hidden by the flood of people walking around, taking pictures, getting their face close so they could have a better view. And I was jumping to be able to take a quick look at the paintings, which were « spoiled » by all this crowd, and also by these inadequate lightings that weren’t highlighting the pictures AT ALL. One was forced to squint in order to be able to find your way around these dark roomsexaggeration, you said ? 🙂

No but, seriously, I mean, when I was trying to read the information written on the walls, it was impossible to read an entire sentence without being interrupted by some visitor passing in front of me…

Anyway, that was my first impression. But trust me, from the moment I saw the paintings, the famous ones, I was so impressed, so amazed, that all the bad points seemed to disappear.

Capture d_écran 2017-10-09 à 19.18.35

Starry Night, Sunflowers, Almond Branches in Bloom… Seeing all these incredible artworks in real life made me feel something special.

I’ve always been keen on Van Gogh‘s work. And I have to admit, although I didn’t really like how the museum organized the presentation, it taught me some very interesting things that made me love his work even more.

For example, you may know that artists are, in general, lonely, sad, wistful, and that’s what helps them for their art. Well, I learnt during this visit that Van Gogh was no lonely artist, and – that’s what surprised me the most – that he used to be proud of his work, which is extremely rare for an artist – I mean, do you often feel entirely satisfied when you create something ? For my part, NEVER !

And as we were getting closer and closer to the end of the visit, my opinion changed, and I found that the exhibition was actually really cool, playful and interactive ! I especially liked when a camera was placed above a painting, and we could make it move to admire the details of the technique used in producing this work of art. Also I appreciated, the sketches hung on walls, where one could see the perspective for each of the drawings, by their construction lines.

Van Gogh’s work is, to me, incredibly poetic, and if ever you go to Amsterdam, you definitely have to visit his museum !


Posted by:Victoire

4 réponses sur « Finally Visited Van Gogh’s Museum »

  1. tableaux magnifiques et visite intéressante pour toi en voyant les détails de la technique. Tu n’as pas fini d’en apprendre sur l’art, bravo


  2. je l’ai visité il y a 5 ans (et d’ailleurs la collection était dans un autre musée pour travaux) et j’avais appris trop de trucs ! j’aime beaucoup van gogh aussi, donc ton article



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