The other day I was on the phone with my best friend, Juliette, who lives in Paris. I told her I was here for 10 days. She told me :

« Go to Sophie Calle’s exhibition. I saw a performance she did a few years ago and it was amazing. Right now she’s presenting her work, in collaboration with Serena Carone. It’s at The Hunt Museum and I heard it was great. Go, you’ll thank me later. »

My best friend is always full of good ideas. This was one of them.

Remember my article about the Balenciaga exhibition at the Bourdelle Museum ? I loved their idea to  present fashion clothes in a museum of sculptures ! First, it gives another dimension to the work,  in harmony with the museum’s pieces, you see it from a completely different perspective. Plus, it rekindles interest for a museum that is not so popular. Well, same for this exhibition, where the humour of the artist’s messages and artworks was mixed up with the gravity and the seriousness of the terrifying stuffed animals hung on the wall. Pure genius !

This exhibition made me discover Sophie Calle‘s work, that I didn’t know before. And I completely fell in love with it !

The main theme, in the first room, is the death, the loss of a loved one – here, her father. But she represents it with such humour and sweetness, she turns this rude part of life into a moving and funny thing at the same time – which is quite rare, because I’m used to artists representing death with black and dark and sad paintings. f

Finally someone seing it with a different angle !


Then in the other rooms, dozens of hilarious messages written on white rectangular pieces of sheet, that are framed and set down on furnitures, among all the impressing stuffed owls and bears, and some settings the artist made to « illustrate » her words.

I’m so happy I discovered such a great artist, who knows how to mix humour and good work. After-all, auto-depreciating is an art, isn’t it ?

Juliette, thank you !

Posted by:Victoire

3 réponses sur « Sophie Calle among stuffed animals »

  1. Encore une nouveauté, bien, bien! mais j’ai aimé le beau paon, l’adorable chat et les jolis pieds maquillés;
    d’autre part, j’ai une préférence pour l’élan vêtu de rose, non plutôt pour la belle jeune fille devant une porte rose.



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