A few weeks ago, a friend of mine called me to tell me she took tickets for the premiere of the movie La Promesse de l’Aube  – with the film crew ! She invited me to come with her. I accepted. Even if I had a big french exam the next day. Momma told me : in life, there are priorities. That was one. 

I saw it as an opportunity to watch the adaptation of my favorite book of all times, but also an opportunity to meet the actors – Charlotte Gainsbourg, and mainly : Pierre Niney, my BIGGEST CRUSH EVER. I was finally gonna see, in real life, the man I was planning to marry since my sweet 13. 

Well, I’m gonna make it clear right away, so your disappointment won’t be as unbearable as mine was : the two main actors weren’t here. Disgusting, right ? I’m still stewing 😦 Still trying to figure out how Pierre dared doing this to me. I hope he regrets.


Anyway, let’s talk about the movie :

I liked it. A lot. I loved it ! It actually took me a little while to get hooked on the film (probably because I was still mad at Pierre – and stressing about my exam). But when I finally did, I thought it was amazing.

It actually made me realize, as well as the book, how incredible Romain Gary’s life was. I mean, if I didn’t know the story, I’d probably think it’s fiction. Thought it’s not, and that’s what makes its magic.

Moving and funny scenes, realistic decors, beautiful dialogs… Everything was made to make us feel like being part of the story – and also forget the injustice suffered earlier.

Also at the end, the producer, Eric Barbier, came to answer some questions from the public, and I found what he said really interesting – and I feel like he understood very well the atmosphere of the book and recreated it perfectly !

Also, Nemo Schiffman – actor of my age who played Romain Gary when he was a teenager – was present, and I have to admit he was really cute, which cheered us up, my friend and I – I am actually reconsidering the option of marrying Pierre Niney. Maybe Victoire Schiffman would sound better, after all…

I found the movie extremely faithful to the book, which pleased me a lot, as I tend to be disappointed by movies adapted from novels when they’re not sticking close to it.  That’s why, if you don’t know the story and don’t find time or the envy to read the book, watching the movie is a good alternative. In any case, I advise you to watch it !

In theaters on December 20th ! Stay tuned.

(PS : Pierre, if you read this, don’t try to contact me anymore. I moved on.)

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3 commentaires sur &Idquo;La promesse de l’aube – the movie&rdquo

  1. I really enjoyed reading this text and I think Victoire Schiffman sounds better than Victoire Niney. In fact I can’t stand him. He is a very good actor but I find him terribly very ugly. Definitely not my taste…but I love you
    Your Mimi



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