On Thursday, I went to Julien Doré‘s concert.

See, Julien Doré is the perfect and concrete proof of what I call an « artist« . I don’t always speak about the concerts I attend for a simple reason : I don’t consider every singer as an artist. To me, artists are singers who write their own songs, who sing and don’t lip-synch, and who come not only to sing their hits, but who also interact with the public. Julien Doré is all of that :

  • He’s a multi-talented performer, who writes his own songs, which, I think, is essential to be considered as a complete artist.
  • The staging is almost the biggest part of the show. Confetti from the second song. Balloons coming out form the scene. And much more. Everything was insane and beautiful, but it wasn’t too much : just a reflect of the artist’s magical universe.
  • He’s always speaking to people, coming close to the public, in the middle of the crowd, and giving them the mic. Making jokes, asking people to participate, to sing with him. He always seems to be improvising. Everything looked natural. Everyone felt united. All as one, singing, singing even when he left the scene.
  • To finish, let me say that : he’s clearly crazy. In a good way, obviously. Creative also, amazingly creative. But that’s what makes him and his show so great, and original.



Honestly, I didn’t know all of his songs. I was scared I might get bored because of that. It wasn’t a problem, actually. The show wasn’t only about the songs. It was a whole. The music, the staging, and of course this singular character that represents Julien Doré. Everything was part of the dhow.

And it was greater than great.

Posted by:Victoire

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