Here is a little « report » of my trip to Paris (yes, the one I did more than a month ago..). Better late than never, right ?


  • Irving Penn

Stylish, elegant, poetic… You like Helmut Newton‘s work, vintage fashion, black and white photography and reading Vogue : Irving Penn is the answer. Exposing his wonderful photographs at Le Grand Palais until January 29th. A must-see ! (full article here).

  •  Sophie Calle, Beau doublé Monsieur le Marquis

Discovery of the year : Sophie Calle. Exposing her hilarious and moving work among the stuffed animals of the Hunting Museum. Was skeptical at first. Got out of the museum blown away – and laughing out loud ! What are you waiting for ? Only until February 11th ! (full article here).

  • Christan Dior, couturier du rêve

Impossible to miss this exhibition at Les Arts Décoratifs. I had to hurry : it ends on January 7th. Everyone went to see it. Everyone posted pictures. All the same. I told myself  « well, I’ve already seen 3/4 of the exhibition on my friends’ Instagram, it’s useless to go there ». Now I admit : seeing it in real life was completely different. Wonderful. Magical. Felt like a dream. The beauty and finesse of the clothes and the universe of the fashion house Dior were very well presented. The immense rooms were filled with lights and videos and music, and amazing clothes – and a lot of people, obviously… But despite the crowd (that was quite annoying, admittedly)… everything was perfect !


  • Pop Art, Icons that matter

Disappointing. A mix of great Pop Art artists’ work for the Whitney Museum of American Art… but not their most interesting pieces. Simple presentation. And the info written on the wall were too long, the font was too small, so it was boring to read, and not attractive at all. Which just shows how important the presentation of an exhibition is – almost as important as the work ! Sorry, Musée Maillol, not this time for me ! (until January 18th).

  • Etre moderne : le MoMA à Paris

First, the magic of the place : the Fondation Vuitton. Then, the exhibition. Masterpieces from various artists (Cézanne, Klimt, Mondrian…) of different collections of the Museum of Modern Art, tracing the history of the museum, throughout the rooms, and the work. I didn’t like all the pieces, though I liked the whole thing. Good harmony. If you’ve never been to the Foundation, it’s a great occasion to discover it while admiring the MoMA‘s work, isn’t it ? Until March 8th.


    • La règle du jeu

Thinking of it, I realized I should have written an entire article about it. Incredible – I mean, incredibly surprising ! First time at La Comédie Française for me. Surprise from my mom. We were both expecting some classic and formal representation (almost scared to get bored) – well, we were wrong !

Stage adaptation of Jean Renoir‘s movie by Christiane Jatahy. Started with a short film on a huge screen. Then the actors – some were famous, for example Laurent Lafitte – started running in the room in the middle of the public. That’s when it started becoming a mess – but a happy one ! The actors singing, the public clapping hands, the play going in every directions… It looked more like Patrick Sebastien’s Grand Cabaret than a real play… But after all, why would art always have to be so formal ?

Won’t tell you more… Get your tickets ! It lasts until January 8th !!!


  • Intra-Murros

A play by Alexis Michalik. A few months ago I talked about Edmond, his other play – one of the best I’ve ever seen I guess ! This one was really good too. Took me time to get hooked on the story – the story of two drama teachers going to prison to give a lesson giving a lesson to the detainees. But then I did – I got so hooked on it that when a woman in the public screamed because her husband fainted, I thought it was part of the play ! (don’t worry, the man’s fine. it was just very hot in the room). And I admired a lot the actors because right after the incident, they started again the play where they stopped, like nothing had happened – which, trust me, is really hard when you are an actor ! It’s at the Theatre de la Pepinière and it’s still played !

  • Un village en trois dés

It was a play taking place at the Théâtre de l’Atelier, and as the director is a friend of ours, he offered us tickets. This play was kind of a one-man show, performed by Fred Pellerin, a singer-writer-storyteller… from Quebec. A funny show, in which he alternated storytelling and singing. I think 9/10 of the public were longstanding fans. To be honest, I didn’t get hooked (I’m so in love with this expression 😉 ). First, because I only understood 1/3 of what he said because of his accent. Furthermore, because I think stand-up comedies are just… not for me. THOUGH : I advise you not to keep only my opinion in mind, because I think that if you like this kind of show and that the Canadian accent doesn’t bother you, you may actually like it (because according to the spectators –  – the story (that I didn’t understand) actually seemed funny).

The tour is finished unfortunately.


  • Au revoir là-haut

I was complaining about « not having seen a really good movie in a long time. The kind of movie that makes you think « dammnn, it’d be amazing if I became an actress and played in such wonderful and artistic films like that ». Well, seeing this one satisfied me more than I expected – I’m not ready to complain again for a long time… (like, two weeks??) – (full article here).


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7 réponses sur « My art-trip to Paris »

  1. trop bien cet article !! il faut à tout prix que j’aille à Irving Penn et Dior, le MoMa j’ai plus de temps et Sophie Calle aussi !! et niveau théâtre ça a l’air très cool aussi !
    merci pour ce partage, ton séjour a l’air d’avoir été très riche !



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