Decided to try to add some new kind of article : each month, a few words on the things I read. Let’s begin with January!

  • A Paris, by Jeanne Damas & Lauren Bastide

A mix of good adresses, and some portraits of women and their secrets… well : the ideal 71hEEf-QttL.jpgguide to be the perfect parisienne. Not a very intellectual reading tbh, but at least this light-read is a great shelf embellisher !


  • This month’s Beaux Arts Magazine

A very interesting one. The pages I liked :

Page 8, the contrast between the dark baroque church and the snazzy, bright red, tennis court that was installed in it by the american artist Asad Raza is breathtaking – a contrast being old and modernity, between dark and bright, and it’s brilliant !

On the 16th page, exposing the art actuality from all around the world, one particular news hit me. I must say, I am half-amused, half-shocked. As Vienna organises a huge retrospective in order to celebrate the centenary of the death of the great artist Egon Schiele – an artist I admire a lot. Though, the event’s poster campaign, showing the painter’s drawings of nudes, some cities, like London or Hamburg, refused it. Consequently, Vienna had to censor it ; though they did it in a funny way : a banner placed on the « inappropriate zones« , where we can read « Sorry, 100 years old but still too daring today« . That’s Genius., I discovered in this issue of the magazine that Beaux Arts is finally starting to have taste in design (page 28), the new surprising section « la recette d’art« , presenting a dish inspired by a painting (page 38), and the very interesting article about how lame the exhibition format is, and it is about to evaluate more into workshops and collaborative projects – that’s the idea of the art center le Magasin in Grenoble, and I couldn’t agree more (page 42) !

Beside, you’ll discover in this issue the 50 most beautiful exhibitions of 2018. Now run to your kiosk, this is a must-read !

  • Romain Gary s’en va-t-en guerre, Laurent Seksik. 

As Romain Gary’s biggest fan, I can only say : this book’s really great.  My grand mother lent it to me after she read my article about La promesse de l’aube and told me « you should like it« . Indeed, I devoured this book.

It is a kind of Romain Gary’s biopic. But not focusing on his mother, whom – we tend to believe – is at the origin of his « genius« , but his father. The unknown father. The one Gary never talked about. The one that we believed for a long time, because of the author’s lies – or is it just a way for him to forget about the real one ? – was Ivan Mosjoukine (famous russian actor). Here, it is about his real father : Arieh Kacew, who happened to cheat on his mother and make another woman pregnant. According to Laurent Seksik‘s book, mixing real facts and fiction, most of Gary’s life and behavior was based on his relation with his father more than the one with his mother… yet to be proved !

Anyway, this book, a quick read but – trust me! – not lacking beautiful words, written with an amazing writing style, is my favorite 2018 reading so far…

(obviously, ’cause that’s my first reading of the year 🙂 ) lol.

             See you next month for my « February’s good reads« . 




3 commentaires sur « January’s Good Reads (random) »

  1. Tu m’as fait découvrir l’artiste Egon Schiele et je comprends pourquoi il a eu une réputation orageuse…
    A bientôt de te découvrir encore dans tes super trouvailles littéraires ou artistiques



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