What I like in a movie is when it is « art« . And for a movie to be considered as art, I established different criteria – that is just a figment of my imagination, but I am sure you’ll agree with most of them.

I watched this movie directed by Luca Guadagnino called « Call me by your name » the other day (link to the trailer).


And, to me, this movie, more than any other movie I’ve seen so far, meets all these criteria. And that’s how I can affirm, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that « Call me by your name«  is pure art :

  • Armie Hammer and Timothée Chalamet (he’s my , btw) both are – I know you are thinking « totally handsome », and I couldn’t agree more 😉 – amazing actors. As I started drama lessons this year and now that I know how hard it is to act, I focus a lot more on the actors themselves when I watch movies. And I must say, these two are absolutely incredible. I mean, the way they act is so natural ! But what is special about this movie is that every single actor in it is amazing, and has a natural way of acting ! And I think this is an essential feeling in order to experience that we – as spectators – are part of the movie.
  • A film really pleases me when it is artistic. The images are – to me – as important as the plot or the dialogues. « Call me by your name » takes place in Northern Italy, in a dream house, during summer. I let you imagine the kind of magical atmosphere the movie releases.
  • What is a good film without a good soundtrack ? Click here to listen to the moving song that sticks in my mind since I left the theatre, and you’ll soon understand why I am so crazy about it. Seriously, the soundtrack is one of the most important things if you want a movie to remain in people’s heads. Here again, they succeeded !
  • That’s obvious, a movie isn’t good if the story it tells isn’t good. This movie is adapted form André Aciman’s novel, which is a love story between two young men that meet during the summer as the oldest one, Olivier, who’s a 24-year-old scholar, comes to spend a few daysin Elio’s house, the other boy. Let’s just say, daring to present a homosexual romance is kind of bold. The entire movie looks more like a memory than a fictive story, everyone can identify to the « summer romance story », and it clearly gives you nostalgiaGod, it’s contagious.
  • Probably the most important. When a film moves me, it sticks in my mind for years, that’s for sure. But this movie had a special effect on me : it almost made me cry. But what was incredible is that, unlike other movies, it wasn’t because of a death, or a disease. I cried because of a love story. It definitely shows how strong this movie is.
  • Gay couples are often marginalized in today’s society. Showing a romance between two men was a risky bet. Though this movie kind of minimizes it. And I think it’s great, because the passion between the two characters is so well transmitted that even if they are a gay couple – if we can actually say that, because the movie is more about a summer romance between two straight people than a real coming out -, I think everyone can easily identify with
  • them. Love is universal, guys !

Words just ain’t enough to describe this movie. 

Have you guys watched it yet ?

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