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As I already said in the article Balenciaga x Bourdelle, I consider fashion as an art.

During my holidays in Paris, I went to the Musée des Arts Décoratifs, where was taking place the exhibition « Margiela, les années Hermes », presenting the clothes created by Maison Margiela for Hermès from 1997 to 2003.

I must say, I was pleasantly surprised by how well the exhibition was organized, for two main reasons :

  • the presentation and set up of the pieces – with orange walls in reference to Hermès.
  • the anecdotes and explanations of the work, that I find essential to an exhibition and that aren’t always on the level (check out my review about the Pop Art exhibition at the musée Maillol in this article : My art-trip to Paris)

IMG_2803 (1).jpg

Indeed, I enjoyed the presence of short paragraphs on the wall, pleasant to read, arranged next to the clothes or the period concerned, that explained quickly the creator’s vision, wishes, and style.

This way, I learned very interesting things about Martin Margiela and his perception of fashion, about the style and the reasons of his clothes, that made me understand this exhibition from a different perspective :

  • He likes simple, neutral colors, especially white, monochrome clothes in order to create a « purified silhouette ».
  • He doesn’t aim to represent women as young, perfect and eternal – as the fashion world tends to do – but as natural, true, authentic females. That’s why during his fashion shows and photoshoots, he chooses women from 25 to 65 years old to model. He also likes to highlight the creation before the model or himself, which is why he often covers the model’s face.
  • He creates comfortable clothes as he believes that it « sublimates the style » because the women will look cosy wearing them.
  • He is known for creating pieces that can be worn in various ways (see the video)
  • He never reveals his face and refuses interviews, always staying anonymous, mysterious.

Margiela did an incredible work for Hermes, some even said that what he created « looked more like Hermes than Hermes does ».

I encourage you to go to this exhibition – you’ve got until the 2nd of September 2018 – because I don’t think we need to be fond of Margiela’s work to enjoy this exhibition, and I definitely think that the work the Musée des Arts Décoratifs did for this presentation deserves to be seen.

By the way, you’ll find in the Beaux Arts Magazine of May 2018 a great article about Martin Margiela, that’ll help you understand this mysterious character better (see p.92).

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