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It was our last day in Paris, and we had the whole morning free before jumping on the plane. Funny thing though, we planned on filling this morning by going to the Orangerie Museum where was taking place the exhibition Nympheas, but we somehow managed – we were a bit tired and not focused – to go to the wrong museum : Le Jeu de Paume.

Once we were there, we decided to stay and visit the exhibition « Raul Haussmann » (lasting until the 20th of May). I knew nothing about this Austrian artist at the time, but discovering the artist during the exhibition, and coming without any preconceived idea, is something I like to experience.


That’s how I discovered Raul Haussmann.

I must admit I have mixed feelings regarding his work, and this exhibition.

The exhibition was quite simple : just pictures hanged on the walls, maybe by period, some quotations from the artist were written above them, and there was a room with his entire biography printed on the walls. Sorry, but this is typically the kind of exhibition I find boring – as it has nothing special to stand out.

Moreover, some quotations were just incomprehensible, and I hate this type of phrases that artists say and that everyone find amazing just because they don’t understand them so they think « hhmmm, if I don’t get it, it’s probably because it’s something very cleaver« . STOP BEING PIGEONS ! Sometimes artists can say things that are as dumb and unintelligible as the average person.

Anyway, about his work. We can say he explored different types of photography – close-up portraits, collages, landscapes… – and some of them – especially the nudes and the collages – were really interesting. But on the other hand, I felt that the connexion, the link between all these different periods, wasn’t obvious – if not non-existent. It lackedunity, and I felt like the contrast between the pieces was too… overpowering.

Some photographs pleased me – the nudes period was incredible – some less – the landscapes lacked interest. I didn’t hate, I didn’t love.


I don’t advise you not to go, because this article is about MY opinion, and I know it really depends on your tastes.

If you’ve already seen it, don’t hesitate to give me your opinion in the comments !

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