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I subscribed to the Kube Book Box for two reasons :

  • Receiving a surprise every month is something I’ve wanted for a long time, and this one had a really attractive price15€ – as it is the cheapest box I’ve found on the Internet.
  • I often have difficulties choosing books in a library because I never know what to choose. Also, last year, I subscribed to an american book box in which the book was the same for every subscriber, and I ended up not reading it as it wasn’t the type of book I read. Though here, no risk to be disappointed, as it is a « tailored box« .

Indeed, the box that costs 15€ (because you can choose the other one which is a bit more expensive), is composed of some goodies and a book chosen by a librarian according to your preferences that you must provide in the questionnaire you fill when subscribing.

For my first time – as each month you can change your wishes – I asked for a non-fictional or fantastic book with historic references from which I can learn something or with a moral – no worries, you can be as precise as you want. 🙂


So here’s what I received in my very first Kube box :

  1. Four coasters with french authors faces printed on them
  2. A bag of delicious black tea with lemon – I really liked it
  3. A cute book mark – it wasn’t really useful as I never use book marks, but I guess subscribers usually like it
  4. A postal card where is written « Ceci n’est pas une carte postale » – nod to the great Magritte and his « This is not a pipe« 
  5. A small booklet opposing artists and writers and their vision of art through quotations
  6. An extract of the comic « La vie est bonne » by Viande and Macaroni – I was super happy to discover this in the box as I was following their Instagram account and really liked their work !
  7. And finally, the one I was looking forward to receive, THE BOOK ! I had the choice between knowing what it would be and keeping the surprise. Of course I chose the second option, and I found myself very pleased by what I discovered !! – the book is Désorientale by Négar Djavadi.

I will make a special article dedicated to this book, so you’ll have to wait… Though I can already tell you, as I am currently reading it, that I like this book a lot – and especially the fact that it corresponds to all the criteria I gave when I subscribed. And I was really surprised because I gave extremely precise instructions, and I didn’t expect the librarian to find a book that fitted that much my wish.

So, in conclusion, I loved it, and I really recommend this box to every book nerd or simple reader, who enjoy being surprised ! – and all of this for a great quality-price ratio !!!

2 commentaires sur « Kube Book Box »

  1. I never tried to subscribe to that kind of box. I read a lot and I am afraid to have one I already read or it doesn’t suit my taste. Your criteria of a non-fiction book with a historical background make me think about a book, Sapiens, A brief history of humankind by Yuval Noah Harari.



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