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So if you follow me on Instagram – and if you don’t, do it RIGHT NOW !! –, you must know I spent my whooooole Saturday in Aix-en-Provence where was taking place, at the immense parc Jourdan, the 20th edition of the amazing Design Fair hosted by Côté Sud.

The entrance costed 10€ – except of course the reduced tariffs etc –, and one you were inside the parc, you could zigzag for hours in the middle of countless stands exposing (and selling) various types of furnitures and decoration items from different brands.

I fell in love with a few – okay, well, a lot – of the objects that were presented. But I also liked the diversity between the stands. Furnitures, fabrics, clothes, mirrors, luminaires… but all with a similar style, the style that really makes you want to entirely change your home.

The place was huuuge and there were a few stands selling expensive but delicious food, meals and desserts that everyone was enjoying on cute and convivial little garden tables.


There even was a Photo Booth where my friend and I took plenty of selfies – people waiting for their turn started growing impatient :), (though the photos will remain secret as our faces on them were…. HORRIBLE).

It was a wonderful day, not a cloud in the sky, nice people, nice weather, nice place ! And to end our amazing journey, my friend and I spent nearly two hours in Aix-en-Provence town, where we fell in love with its architecture, its shops and everything !!

Unfortunately the event was only lasting the week end… But don’t worry ! It is an annual celebration… so… SEE YOU NEXT YEAR !


6 commentaires sur « Awesome Outdoor Design Fair in Aix en Provence »

  1. Dear Victoire We’ve not met.I know your mother because in my research I came across mention of your great grandfather Louis Oungre, and she told me about your blog. As an 80 year old student I feel entitled to compliment you on its content as well as your perfect English. The subjects you write about and the originality of your comments are truly entertaining. Do keep it up even when you are at Science Po. I’m sure you’ll get in! Best wishes Stephen Fein


    1. Dear Sir, indeed we’ve never met and it’s a shame ! My mom told me a lot about you and your work, and receiving a compliment from you clearly warms my heart. I’m glad to hear that you enjoy reading my posts, and it motivates me to continue my hard work ! Thanks a lot for your adorable comment. I’d love to discuss with you, about each others work, by e-mail if you like. Let me know what you think. Kind regards.


      1. Dear Victoire,
        I’ll be happy to tell you what I’ve learned about Louis Oungre but I think it would be more appropraite to do it privately rather than on your blog. It may be that your grandmother has already told you about him, in which case do please say so. If not, and you agree that it’s better to continue our correspondence « off-site », please give me your email address.
        best regards



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