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I read this comic – Le Syndrome de Stendhal by Aurélie Herrou and Sagar, by Editions Glénat– because 1) my mentor Beaux Arts Magazine recommended it and 2), as I explained in my last post, my latest good decision was to start reading comics… and so I bought it.

I was attracted by the story : Frédéric Delachaise, main character, working in a museum as a simple security guard, starts suffering from this curious syndrome that I had never heard of before : The Stendhal Syndrome.

SHORT HISTORY LESSON MOMENT : this term comes from Stendhal, a french author of the XIXth century – great author, btw – who, during a trip to Italy – a country that he loved and that inspired him a lot – fainted while he was visiting a church in Florence. A malaise that, according to the legend, was caused by the emotional overload due to the admiration he expressed in front of it – I guess it’s clearly something that only happens to artists ; proof that Stendhal was a great one 😉


So Frederic, the character, is kind of bored of life and doesn’t take any interest in art, until he is touched by this crazy « illness ». Then he starts doing unexpected and crazy things, and suffers from delusions. For instance, the paintings start coming to life – in his mind, of course !!

I was super excited at the thought of reading it, but as I was turning the pages, I found myself a bit disappointed

In fact, there are a lot of positive points

  • the story’s interesting, full of artistic references
  • the addiction of the character, and the odd atmosphere were very well represented
  • the images were aesthetic

Though I felt like sometimes it was hard to really understand the link between the pages, especially since there were pages with absolutely no dialogs and sometimes it’s quite hard to get the sense of the images themselves, with no further indication.

I probably expected to much from it. Anyway the fact is that when I finished reading it, I didn’t feel EXTREMELY pleased by it – I felt like the story lacked coherence and, let’s say, culmination.



Do you like comics ? Have you already read it ? If not, do you think you will ? Answer me in the comments, your experience’s always precious to me !


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