Here’s a short selection of the comic books, inspired from novels, I read recently. Hope you’ll like it !

1. « Le Journal d’Anne Frank »

Anne Frank, adapted by Ari Folman and David Polonsky, Ed. Calmann-Levy

bad / so-so / good  / great / amazing


For a long time I’ve been staring with guilt at Anne Frank’s Journal, sadly standing on my night shelf like an abandoned dog looking at me with plaintive cries and wide eyes. But it was just impossible for me to read it ! I just couldn’t find the motivation… So when I discovered this comic, I jumped on the occasion of improving my knowledge in a more pleasant way. And I haven’t been disappointed ! Nice drawings and the story is very well transcribed. Anne’s character is touching and the historic facts presented are well chose and explained. Loved it !

2. « L’Étranger »

Camus, adapted by Jacques Fernandez, Ed. Gallimard

            bad / so-so / good / great / amazing



I was first impressed by how aesthetic this graphic novel was. The images were painted and disposed in various ways, with, in the background of each page, a wonderful painting. This comic actually made me understand better, and, consequently like, Camus’s story. Indeed, if you’ve read my old post about this book, you should know I wasn’t a fan of it ! But in this comic, the behavior and personality of the main character was so well represented, and the paintings were sooo beautiful, that I finally understood the… let’s say the psychology of this complicated story.

2. « Bonjour Tristesse »

Françoise Sagan, adapted by Frédéric Rebena, Ed. Rue de Sèvres

bad / so-so / good / great / amazing



I read this one in one night. In one breath. Because it was really fast to read (few dialogs, big images…) – almost too fast ! I liked it. This enigmatic, vague story of this teenage girl, leaving a life of freedom, passion and boredom, who wants to get rid of her soon-to-be-step-mother as she wants to impose a strict, quiet and « normal » life to this independent young girl. Nice images, that represented very well the atmosphere of the story. Nonetheless I can’t really compare as I never read the novel,  and this article is about the comic and not the novel, which prevents me from commenting the story. Though, as I haven’t been so touched about the story, I think it kinda has an impact on my judgement, which lead me not to be so amazed by this graphic novel. If you’ve already read Sagan’s novel, that’s for you to judge !


Have you read one of these ? What did you think ? Have you read other comics inspired from novels ? Give me all your answers in the comments !

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