Breath As One

A very short article today. Simply because I am going to talk about something I've already talked about, a year ago. It's about the International Yoga Day. It took place on Sunday (but the official day was earlier in the week). At the Hill of the Castel of Nice, as usually. I went there with my … Lire la suite de Breath As One


13 screens. 13 videos. 13 monologs. 12 characters : a homeless person, an architect, a worker, a housewife, a scientist, a news anchor, a Russian coregraph... 1 actress : Cate Blanchett, staged by the amazingly talented german artist, Julian Rosefeldt. This is Manifesto. Futurism, Architecture, Situationism, Pop Art, Cinema... Each video covers a different theme. Cate Blachett … Lire la suite de Manifesto