Maurizio Cattelan, Not Afraid of Love, Paris.

As an art lover, I wanted to create a web platform to talk about everything I like, around ART.

People usually have a limited vision of ART : painting, sculpture, drawing, photography maybe.

But ART is much more than that. Indeed, it also involves things like literature, cinema, landscapes, architecture, music, design, etc.

By creating this blog, I wanted to show people that everyone can « do ART », and that everyone is doing ART everyday, but most of them don’t know it… yet ! Playing an instrument, taking pictures, decorating a house, dancing, writing… All of these daily actions are related to ART.

We often hear people saying that the ART industry is going down, that we’re loosing this culture that we had before, but it’s not true. The real problem is that we give to the world a bad and limited definition of ART.

The aim of this blog is to give a new birth to ART, by considering it in its entire definition.